02/04/2016 – Shop Window

We live in the vicinity of the Medical School and the General Hospital, which I suppose helps explain me encountering a shop window like this. I am particularly amused by the seasonal decoration – it is carnival time, thus the champagne bottle, glass and party hat – they use to spice up the display of their anatomical models. Or maybe they want to tell us how much fun it is to attend medical school, who knows…





2 thoughts on “02/04/2016 – Shop Window

  1. I like the medical field, but not enough to want to be a medical worker :). It was interesting to see people wearing all sorts of costumes yesterday and was told that it was because of carnival. A colleague informed me that there was a bunch of people near her home walking and singing in the street. I would have loved to see them.

    • Yes, Tuesday was the last day of carnival. Near my work I didn’t see anyone dressed up. But my brother, who lives in the countryside, sent me photos of the goings on in my home town. The carnival tradition is stronger in rural areas, where a lot of the stores a closed on Fat Tuesday, and people are all dressed up and are out and about.

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