New Knitting Year

Somehow my knitting didn’t make it onto this blog last year. Due to my job, I ended up knitting significantly less than the year before, but I did manage 22 pairs of adult socks, 13 pairs of kid- and baby-sized socks, and a sweater. I really want to keep it up this year (maybe even increase my productivity, who knows), and also share my projects here with you.

When I left for my Christmas vacation, I brought along some Manos del Uruguay sock yarn with the intention of knitting some luxurious socks for myself. I spent about two days trying to decide on a pattern, but I couldn’t. Instead, I felt like knitting a hat. Which is just as well, because I really like how it turns out. My first project of the new year:



4 thoughts on “New Knitting Year

    • Thank you! I hope the new year is shaping up nicely for you! As for the knitting, I’ve been off to a good start and I do hope I can keep it up.

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