Impression 40/2015

Boy, it’s been a while. Fall came and with it increased work hours and all kinds of other things to take care of. As most people are probably well aware, there are tens of thousands of refugees crossing through Austria these days. I don’t write about it in this blog, because this is a place for superficialities, impressions, and the mundane in general. However, let me just say that I am very happy that the reasonable and decent people have finally taken a stand by organizing marches and, of course, by helping out the refugees who are running for their lives and searching for a place where they can live in peace and safety. I have helped before the current state of emergency, I am helping and now and I will continue to do so once the cameras are gone and the attention of the public is focused on the next big thing.

And now back to everyday Vienna: The shop window of a butcher’s shop in the 18th district:



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