Market Goodies Week 29/2015

Boy, I love summer. Not so much the heat, but all the heavenly seasonal produce that summer brings. Here is what I brought home from the market today. Only the ground lamb was not allowed into the picture – it had to go straight to the fridge. We should make it through the next couple of days now. Enjoy your weekend, and if you are located in Austria – stay cool!



9 thoughts on “Market Goodies Week 29/2015

      • That’s where I usually go. Really, it’s one of the biggest markets? It’s possible. It does stretch for quite a few blocks from Thaliastrasse all the way up past Josefstaedter Strasse.

    • I usually go to Brunnenmarkt. In addition to the regular street market, there is also a Bauernmarkt at Yppenplatz on Saturdays, and I like the variety that the combination of both offers. And it’s certainly an experience. My husband refuses to go, because he isn’t a big fan of being pushed around by the crowds 😉

      • That is really interesting! Thank you for the tips ladies 😀 How do you find the prices in all these markets? I have Naschmarkt right next to me but i find it really expensive… Is the Bauermarkt in Naschmarkt like on a specific day or do you mean just the part with the vegetables and fruit? 😛

      • The farmers market at Naschmarkt is only on Saturdays as far as I know (as most farmers markets in Vienna for that matter). Brunnenmarkt is similar: The regular stalls are there all week, but the farmers only come in on Saturdays.

        The prices at Naschmarkt are ridiculous in my opinion. But it’s a super touristy area and I guess they take the money where they can. Sometimes when I feel brave enough to face the crowds, I go there for certain things, for example the pita bread from Dr. Falafel, because I really like it. But otherwise I think that market is really not worth it (except for the farmers market proper on Saturdays). Years ago, the Naschmarkt was the go-to place if you needed specific exotic stuff, but for most I feel like Prosi (the supermarket across the street from the library at Burggasse) has a great variety of items and it is sooooo much cheaper.

        Now I am curious what others think!

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