Impression 32/2015

Donaukanal with Spittelau in the background.



4 thoughts on “Impression 32/2015

    • The Donaukanal area is great, isn’t it? I just moved closer to it a month ago 😉 And now that I have a bike, I can even go much further!

      • 😀 Oh, lucky you! A bike is really a must in Vienna, i’m sure you’ll really enjoy it! I must get one too, had to sell mine back in Greece, i couldn’t take it with me… Also the Donauinsel must be great for bike riding and there you can also get really further away 😀 That’s something i really long to do! Cause walking the whole Donauinsel, is almost impossible! 😛

      • Haha, yes, it would take you quite a while to walk the entire Donauinsel. I am very happy to have a bike again. My husband and I both got used bikes for relatively cheap, because if you have a bike in Vienna, you basically have to be prepared for it to be stolen… But I can highly recommend getting one. You get a totally different perspective on the city.

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