Creative Blogger Award

This is me and our dog Nero. We were great friends.

This is me and our dog Nero. We were great friends.

Beatrice from lovely Shooting Vienna (great blog, stop by when you get a chance) nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award. Thank you!

Here is how it works: The nominee is requested to share five random facts about him/herself and nominate 15-20 other bloggers to do the same. (15-20 strikes me a bit excessive, so I’ll take the liberty to cut back on that number).

Here we go:

1) I grew up on a farm together with my great grandparents and grandparents on my mother’s side, my parents, my little brother, and four uncles and aunts, who were teenagers or in their early twenties when I was a little girl. They were also musicians, and often their musician friends from all over the world hung out at our place. Sometimes there were 15 to 20 people around for lunch or dinner, sometimes a bunch of people dropped by unannounced, and somehow my great grandmother (who was in charge of cooking) always managed to feed us all. I don’t know how she did it. I think meeting so many international people at my home in the middle of nowhere when I grew up is at least partly responsible for my need to have very diverse friendships, as well as to travel.

2) I am appalled by the hostility, hatred, and violence directed at large groups, such as women, muslims, refugees, etc., that currently sweeps the internet and dominates public discourse. In Austria (and other parts of Europe) the major controversy right now is about refugees mostly from war-torn Syria. The things people say and write openly about fellow humans in need makes my skin crawl. Where is our basic humanity, compassion, and empathy?

3) Knitting keeps me sane. I learned the basic techniques in school, as every girl in my generation, and I even knit some sweaters as a teenager (secretly, because it surely wasn’t cool at that time). Then I put the needles down for 20 years or so. When my husband moved to Austria, he wanted woolen socks. I decided to give it a try – and I was hooked. In the past 2 1/2 years, I knit more than 80 pairs of socks.

4) I played American football for a local women’s team for a while. When I mentioned to people in the U.S. that I played football, they usually told me that when I say football, I really mean soccer, because in the U.S. the term “football” means American football, which is only played by men. Always glad to learn from random strangers what I really mean when I say things.

5) My husband is from the Caribbean. I had the privilege to experience the place where he grew up far, without being stuck with the tourist masses at all-inclusive hotel, closed off from local life. I also experienced hurricane Sandy as the locals did: By sitting in the dark for 48 hours.

I nominated the following blogs for the Creative Blogger Award and hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do:

Happy browsing and have a lovely Sunday!

3 thoughts on “Creative Blogger Award

    • He was huge, indeed. Taller than I. And he protected me. Not that there was any danger from which I needed protection, but I think he liked to see himself in that role 🙂

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