International Workers’ Day

Vienna city hall is ready for today’s May 1 celebrations.



2 thoughts on “International Workers’ Day

  1. Vienna was fortunate in that there was no rain today. I visited both the Rathaus (after whatever had been going on had finished) and Votiv Kirche with family that is visiting. We enjoyed the music and food at the Kirche. The speeches went right over my head but I clapped along with others – I am a worker after all :). Happy belated Labor Day.

    • Happy belated Labor Day to you, too! I am glad to read that you and your family had a good holiday! The only thing I experienced of the May Day festivities was the parade and marching band passing through our neighborhood – the social democrats’ district organizations meet at their respective district office in the morning and then march to Rathausplatz, where they all meet up and the mayor gives a speech (that’s what was going on before you visited there, I suppose). My husband and I, though, took the morning train to go to our country home (a.k.a. my mother’s house), where we will spend the rest of the weekend. Happy weekend! 🙂

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