Lady or Boss?

I needed to get a pocket calendar for the new year. So I went to one of the major bookstores in the city. I picked up the first two that caught my eyes and learned that apparently one was intended for ladies and the other one for bosses (“Chef” in German means boss). After further investigation I am happy to report that for both ladies and bosses 2015 has 365 days.

But I can’t stop wondering what the calendar of a lady boss might look like in the minds of calendar designers.


6 thoughts on “Lady or Boss?

    • I understand segmented marketing from a business perspective, but it does point the spotlight on stereotypes and amplifies them in a way that’s hard to stomach.

  1. Of course, the reproduction of stereotypes is annoying. But there is another point that puts me off: gender pricing, e.g. shaving foam, razors for women are more expensive than for men, the same with anti-wrinkle cream, fragrances, hair cuts etc.

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