Socks 30/2014

This was my 30th pair of socks in 2014. My cousin asked for colorful socks. I delivered.


7 thoughts on “Socks 30/2014

    • Ten pairs is pretty good! I only managed so many, because I spent the year sitting in my tiny home office, and I desperately needed something else to do besides reading and writing in order to not go totally crazy 🙂

  1. Very nice socks. I am always impressed by people who knit socks – they look so complicated what with all those corners 🙂 I received a colourful pair as well for Christmas and I love them. They brighten my day.

    • Thanks! Knitting socks is much easier than it may look. Most people are afraid of the heel, but there are pretty straightforward techniques to handle that. Glad to read you received a Christmas present you love!

      As for email notifications, I am not sure but I’ll look into it and will let you know. I know that some people do receive a notification when a post goes up, so it should work in general.

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