Impression XXXVI

I walked past this pretty flower store yesterday afternoon, just as it was getting dark. That was before my day took a turn for the worse, when my purse got stolen on the subway. Even though I am always vigilant and very careful with my belongings, I guess I just didn’t stand a chance. In an overcrowded subway, with people pushing and shoving, I didn’t notice that someone must have opened my bag and taken my purse. They made about 40 Euro in cash, but caused me around 300 Euro worth of damage, with all the fees I will have to pay to have my my credit cards, drivers licence etc. reissued. Not to speak of all the personal items that are irretrievably lost. Even today, I am still very angry.

Have a lovely weekend – and keep an eye on your belongings!



8 thoughts on “Impression XXXVI

  1. When things get stolen it is mostly at the worst of times.. but maybe your purse with your cards is found in a bin somewhere near the tube station. I know from some people and my dad, who got their purse nicked that it turned up money-less but with the cards still inside. Fingers crossed!

    • You are right, it is only stuff. Vincent said he can’t believe that I am not more upset about this. I called the bank within 5 minutes, I’ll file a police report tomorrow, and started to request replacement cards, and that’s everything I can do about it. This is bound to happen every few years. I guess it just was my turn – I had been spared for a long time anyway. Apparently these stealing bastards are particularly active during advent (busloads of tourists at crowded Christmas markets and people carrying more money for Christmas shopping make for good prey), so maybe I should put on the tourist act after all 🙂

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