Christmas Is Upon Us

While I haven’t heard Christmas songs in the stores yet (fingers crossed that they will hold off for a little while longer), the city is gearing up for Christmas markets. Yesterday was a perfect, warm fall day, and the Man and I went out for walk in the neighborhood. As we exited the park in Schönbrunn, I saw that the Christmas tree in front of the palace was already up, there were piles of the folded-up Christmas huts ready to be set up, and workers were busy mounting Christmas lights.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Is Upon Us

    • Whoa, jetzt schon? Ich dachte immer, bei uns geht Weihnachten so früh los, weil wir nicht den natürlichen Puffer Thanksgiving haben. Aber der scheint bei euch auch nicht immer wirksam zu sein 😉

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