More Harvest Festival

Here are some more impressions from the harvest festival in Vienna last weekend. To me, the idea of celebrating a quintessentially rural festival in the most urban space of the country seemed a little odd. But of course there is plenty of agriculture within city limits, the Viennese do appreciate food and drink, and the whole thing was organized by the conservative party anyway, where farmers have been traditionally organized, and which has a firm grasp on the inner city. From my experience of growing up in tiny village, such a harvest crown used to be the center of the parade, ??????????????????????????????? escorted by the traditional band (including myself – except we didn’t have funky hats like these guys). ??????????????????????????????? And that was pretty much it. The Vienna parade was of course much bigger and fancier, and a lot of fun actually. My favorite was this float with palm trees made from green bell peppers and celeriacs, blasting dance music, including dancing women in Dirndls. ???????????????????????????????


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