Our New Couch

We have a new couch. Our cat thinks she has a new couch. When we don’t sit on the couch, we have to cover it, otherwise it will be totally messed up by cat hair in a matter of days. Maybe we can convince the cat to go look for a different favorite spot, but I am not optimistic.



4 thoughts on “Our New Couch

  1. He he he, cats are hard to convince 🙂 Talking about cats, today I came across an amazing story. You just need to use Google and enter “Cat Rescues Child From Dog Attack”. I wonder if my cat would do the same for me.

    • Haha, they sure are. Also, she is so incredibly happy on top of the couch that we bought for her, it warms my heart.

      I just watched that video. Cats rule! I also wonder if our cats would do that for me. It probably depends on whether they are out already in hunting mode or not. If they would have to get up first, I am doubtful they would come to my rescue.

    • Good point! This one is usually pretty happy on top of the covers. The other one would pose a greater danger, but fortunately she tends to stay in the downstairs rooms of the house and thus has not discovered the new couch yet.

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