Lovely Lunch and Crazy Cursing

I know that alliterations are considered bad style or even ugly by serious writers. Today they seem appropriate for me, but more on that later.

We don’t have the opportunity very often, but today the Mister and I could go out to lunch together. We went to Café Ansari in the second district, which is one of my favorite places to have a cup of coffee or Moroccan mint tea or lunch. The Mister went for the lamb, while I had the vegetarian option, eggplant stuffed with millet, raisins, and roasted cashews. Look how good it was!


On the way home, walking leisurely through the first district, I got yelled at by a woman who felt offended by me somehow. Coming toward us, she started making disgusted noises, and I braced myself for a racial slur directed at the Mister (which actually never happens, but I am still on guard). But she meant me! Then she yelled at my husband and asked him full of contempt where he found “something like THAT” (pointing at me), just to add “probably at the Caritas” (which is the Austrian equivalent to the Goodwill). Then she spat on the ground in front of me and walked away. She didn’t quite specify what it was that set her off, but maybe I should go and make that appointment at the hairdresser that I’ve been putting off. As a first step to be less offensive to my environment.

2 thoughts on “Lovely Lunch and Crazy Cursing

  1. Weird people are out there, one never knows what might happens next time when walking innocently along the streets. Perhaps this lady was just confused. Would have been nice, if she at least said what was bothering her. However, a haircut is never wrong ☺

    • I do think she was crazy, because I honestly think that jeans, a t-shirt and a ponytail couldn’t be possible so offensive to justify a slander like that. Mostly it was funny, though. And good to see that my husband, just because he is black, is not automatically always the target of meanspiritness. Now to get that haircut 🙂

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