Sunset at Westbahnhof

Sunsets at Westbahnhof are stunning. Since the train tracks are facing west, the sunshine sneaks in from the back and illuminates the big hall. As the old building got bombed to shreds at the end of World War II, the decision was made to erect a new building that represents the new era. I think that’s great, by the way. And thus, Vienna obtained one of the major buildings emanating the air of the 1950s, which was maintained during major renovations a couple of years ago. The simple, straight, airy building remains one of the most significant examples of post-war architecture in Vienna. I am all in favor of it, because every era has its architectural style, and I love to see the diverse history of a city reflected in its multifarious building styles. The grandiose buildings of the turn of the century are certainly great, but Viennese history did not end with the fall of the Habsburg empire. Also, no one likes to live in a museum. There is a more recent history which is equally valuable, and Westbahnhof is one amazing reminder thereof.




4 thoughts on “Sunset at Westbahnhof

    • Why don’t you add a Viennese archive to the archival seminar? Otherwise we can offer you an airbed in the office, which almost counts as a guestroom. Just until we get rich, which can’t be THAT hard for social sciences and humanities people, can it? You’ll find the city very much transformed. Come visit!

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