A while ago we were out celebrating the passage of time as it affects yours truly. I wanted to try Keke’s on Amerlingstrasse, just off Mariahilferstrasse, a restaurant that allegedly serves Caribbean food. It’s more African than Caribbean, but the food was good. We were there on a weekday and found the menu reduced to three main dishes, which was disappointing. The waitress explained that the selection is larger on the weekend, so that’s the time to have a meal there obviously. I had a red bean stew, which I liked, and the Mister was satisfied with his jerk chicken, even though it was stewed with vegetables and not barbecued, as most people probably have come to know this Jamaican dish. Overall, it’s a nice place with tasty food. Don’t expect Caribbean food as you’d find in places like Jamaica, the Bahamas or Trinidad (or Brooklyn for that matter), as ethnic food is often heavily interpreted for the taste of the host culture (I always shudder when I think about my experiences with Austrian/German restaurants in the US). I do recommend to check out the place, and we’ll certainly go back there ourselves at some point.

Jerk chicken with fried plantains


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