Exotic Food Store

I often hear and read complaints from expats that they are not able to buy groceries in Vienna, which  they need in order to feel comfortable. I do understand that a quest to find an everyday item can cause serious frustration. In my experience, however, the difficulty does not lie in the fact that things are not available, but rather in figuring out where to look. It can be part of the adventure of getting to know the country, of learning how a society is organized.

During my years abroad, I got used to some foods that I don’t want to do without, so I had to embark on the quest of finding these items in Vienna, very much like other new arrivals to the city. I am amazed at all the things that are, in fact, available (outside of Naschmarkt, which can be a rip-off). A fellow blogger recently wrote about stores that provide British and American groceries; see here for the post. Personally, my current favorite is Prosi in the 7th district, just across the street from the main branch of the city library. It carries an unbelievable variety of food from around the world and keeps expanding. I didn’t have high hopes that I would find chipotles in adobo sauce at a reasonable price in Vienna, but there you are. Prosi rocks!



6 thoughts on “Exotic Food Store

  1. I know here in Holland they have tokos, which are basically the most wonderful shops in the country with all sorts of eastern food, lightly sprinkled with western odds and ends, like baking soda. Baking soda was curiously difficult to find here before I discovered the tokos.
    Glad you found the chipotle and adobo, life isn’t the same without them 😉

    • I know, right?! I am so happy I have chipotles and adobo back in my life!
      Baking soda, huh? I find it so fascinating what items turn out almost impossible to find. I heard from someone who paid something like 7 Euros for a pound of sweet potatoes at a supermarket in the inner city. While the place to buy them is the neighborhood Turkish mom & pop store, where they are about 1,50 per pound. Cream of tartar is another classic over which people used to despair. I think now the regular supermarkets even have it, but back in the day you had to go to an organic food co-op. My own biggest adventure (and success) was finding kale. But it all can be done 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Everyday life in Vienna and commented:
    Seeing as I’ve been around to some British/Irish/American foodstores lately, I thought I may as well chuck this one in there. Prosi is an awesome place, and fellow blogger on the blog Loisland posted this one yesterday. At Prosi you find the things that are harder to come by… especially from more exotic parts of the world. They have African foods… Rare and funny vegetables… a lot of frozen foods and a LOT of sauces, oils, pastes, you name it. If you are desperate for that one funny ingredient that seems impossible to find, THIS is your best bet. If not I’d recommend internet. 😉 Located just by Burggasse Ubahn station.

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