Mozart Tea

I recently saw this curiosity at the market. This must be the winner of a hilarious contest in combining the two things that have the least to do with each other, and then top it off by adding a totally irrelevant note.


4 thoughts on “Mozart Tea

  1. Glad you are enjoying this little gem 🙂 I am glad they added the blurb about Mozart composing his first piece at age 6, which seems to be crucial to know in order to appropriately enjoy the tea.

  2. I can relate, I once was appalled by the ”Sissi ham- Sissi is a really fine ham”. I could only think that the poor Empress would turn in her grave upon seeing such a dreadful thing!
    If you want to have a serious laugh (or to cry), type in on Google Images Sissi ham, it should be on sale next to the Mozart tea!

    • Thanks for pointing out the Sissi Ham! I did indeed find it on the web and got a good laugh out of it. This also reminded me that a major supermarket chain here sold Mozart sausage during the big anniversary several years ago. The possibilities of veneration of cultural idols (or making money off them) seem to be endless.

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