Like many other people in the US, I participated in the kale craze. I just loved it. Every time at the farmers market I would stock up on kale, but also on collard greens and chard. Then I moved back home to Austria – and there just was no kale! I couldn’t believe it, but after a year of withdrawal I got used to it. So imagine my delight, when I saw some kale at the farmers market this morning! Oh happy day!



2 thoughts on “Kale!

  1. I know this post is old, but which farmers’ market did you get the kale from? Kale is similar to the vegetable that is eaten at almost every meal in Zambia, so I would not mind getting some. Thanks for advising……

    • I eventually found the kale at the Saturday farmers market at Naschmarkt. Since then I’ve also seen it at Brunnenmarkt (also on the Saturday farmers market). Except for spinach and chard, leafy greens aren’t very popular here, which is too bad. And even though recently articles about kale, collard greens, etc. and their benefits have popped up in cooking magazines, they are still somewhat difficult to come by.

      Now I am curious. What’s the Zambian vegetable that is similar to kale? (Always eager to learn…)

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