Throwback Thursday

I like the idea of “Throwback Thursday” – entering a post about something a while back. Since I’ve accumulated a lot of pictures I consider worth sharing, I think I’ll do that for a few weeks and see how it works.

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about this time of year in 2012. I was in Austria for the summer, had gotten married a couple of months before, then got the news that I had received a fellowship for a year which changed everything. I went back to Washington, DC, to quit my job, pack up my stuff (years of graduate school and research – it was a mess) and come back home.

In the meantime my husband had to go back to the country in the Caribbean where he grew up. Never mind that he hadn’t lived there for 15+ years and has no family there, and no job, no insurance, etc. You get the picture. His passport was issued by this state, which (through a bunch of unfortunate circumstances) made it the only place in the world that he could legally be until we sorted out the residency permit for here. I was worried sick for many reasons, but mostly because many Caribbean islands, particularly the crowded urban areas, are crime-ridden like hell. If you think the touristy parts are dangerous, try some of the areas where the natives (have to) live.

In October I scraped together some money and visited him. Despite the lingering fears and insecurities about the future, we had a great time. We managed to go to a little island where friends generously put us up in their house, gave us a car, and fed us. I am always amazed by the generosity, helpfulness, openness, and support that people directed our way, particularly in times that looked pretty dark otherwise. Thanks to all of you! I hope that one day we can do the same for you.


The breathtaking beauty of the place did make us forget our worries for a while.

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